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Arctic / Antarctica

Opposite of the bear, and to the North

The most striking difference is that the Arctic is sea surrounded by land, and Antarctica is land surrounded by the sea. In other words, the Arctic is a region, a polar circle, while Antarctica is a continent. From this difference comes a series of other differences. Arctic is in the North Pole and Antarctica is on the South Pole; the first is about 700 km from the nearest land, and the other about 1,300 km. The first one is at 2m above sea level and the other at 2.835m above sea level. Artic is not marked with a pillar because it would slide away after a few hours, Antarctic is marked with pillar that moves 10 m per year: in the Arctic the temperature range is from +5 to -43 C, and in the Antarctic -13.5 to -62 C. Both poles have five months of daylight, then a month of dusk and five months of the night, and again a month of dusk. In the North Pole, the Sun is constantly above the horizon, from spring to autumn, in order to be below the horizon in the second part of the year. The South Pole is just the other way round.



An enchanted Dragonfly

At the entrance to Arandjelovac from the direction of Topola, there is Risovačahill with a cave, a significant archaeological and paleontological site. The cave was created by the action of warm mineral waters. It was discovered in 1953. by accident, while an old quarry was still exploited. At that time, about 20 m of the cave entrance collapsed, and the richest cultural layer was destroyed. From the entrance extends 22 m long hall, firstly towards the west and then towards the south. It is assumed that the cave is about 800 m long. The cave was dug out in a length of 187 m, with coral chambers of various shapes and colors and with objects and ornaments used by caveman. Adapted to all the principles of a modern presentation, it was opened for tourist since 1987. This unique underground museum of Pleistocene and Paleolithic visit over 25,000 visitors annually. Along the main cave canal, there are polyester reconstructions of quartz fauna - cave bear and cave lion, while in the "Risovac Man' Hall", at the end of the explored part of the cave, there is a figural composition - the family of a Risovachunter.



Evolution of reading

Digital technologies offer a variety of options for manufacturing, access, storage and data transfer, but they also represent a challenge for reading practice that has been known to date. In the past four years, Serbia has also participated in pan-European action, which was engaged in defining key topics for exploring a new phenomenon - digital reading. Since it turned out that it is no longer necessary to open a book or newspapers for reading the written content and to read from paper, but it is possible to read from electronic devices and even devices that can be taken always and anywhere, there was a real "explosion" reading. After six million years of communication exclusively through speech, people are writing "only" about 4000 years ago, firstly with pictorial displays and then with a written word. The movements that marked the evolution of writing during these four millennia also conditioned the evolution of reading.



Take-off, awakening, and a new concept

A whole range of different IT services based on information technology has one common aspect - they cannot be used anonymously. The usual cost of using these services is - your privacy.
Immediately after the discovery of neutron, James Chadwick in 1932 in the Cavendish Laboratory, research into the process of neutron interaction with different nuclides began. At the very beginning, uranium was bombarded with neutrons, and it was noticed that there were processes that could not be explained at that time. In 1934, it was assumed that this was a core cleavage, but neutron-related research continued in other directions. Academician PavleSavić, founder of the Institute of Nuclear Sciences "Boris Kidrič" in Vinča, participated in these research and was quite close to a very important discovery regarding the interaction of neutron and uranium, i.e. the discovery of fission, when he announced the fact that interactions of neutrons with uranium create nuclei that have half the atomic mass. In our country, intensive development began immediately after the First UN Conferences on Peaceful Use of Nuclear Energy, which coincided with the moment when the former SFRY improved relations with the Soviet Union and, as a result of this cooperation, got the first research reactor. ;



Invasion of Mars

Scientific idea that mankind has about the solar system's worlds is continuously updated and deepened with data sent by cosmic probes. In addition to the scientific benefits they bring, the cosmic probes also have a symbolic significance - they are a kind of predecessor of people in the distant areas of our planetary system, as well as technological prediction of humanity that through its operation has crossed the borders of the Earth. At the moment, about fifteen cosmic probes are active and the year of 2018 can be considered successful since some new probes have been launched. The previously sent probes, after many years of travel, arrived at their destinations and a certain number of started missions are successfully continued and extended beyond the planned deadline.



Contemporary oral implantology

Implant therapy is no longer synonymous with a traumatic experience in a dental office. Thanks to the evolution of materials from which implants and regenerative materials are made, also to minimal invasive surgery and digitization, implantology is now characterized by a fast and comfortable, minimal invasive treatment resulting in the most functional and aesthetic therapeutic range, says prof. Dr. Cvijic, an internationally recognized expert in aesthetic implantology and a long-time professor of implantology at the leading Brazilian University Unicamp, Sao Paolo. Tooth loss - root and dental crown - can be taken care of by prosthetic replacement, mobile prosthesis or so-called bridge fixed to adjacent teeth; But, the dental implant, which is practically embedded in the jawbone instead of the missing tooth root and supports a prosthetic replacement for the dental crown, has many advantages. In addition to the undoubtedly superior aesthetic effect, the key advantages of dental implants are also greater functionality (better chewing and speech), greater comfort (natural feeling) and simpler maintenance of oral hygiene, as well as durability – often lifelong - which provides a new self-confidence and new quality of life.



Treatment of critically ill patients

When it comes to patients who are on intensive care, frequent changes in the condition are characteristic, hourly, whether it's improvement or worsening. Departments of intensive care are, accordingly, highly specialized hospital units in which doctors and medical technicians are trained for a specific way of providing medical support almost from moment to moment. It is a very demanding and dynamic form of treatment, complex and very challenging for a doctor. About the complex and highly challenging tasks that the physician is facing in such cases, about his power or the inability to save human life, talks Dr. SuzanaKrstic, an anesthetist and head of the Intensive Care Unit at the Belgrade General Hospital BelMedic. As a young doctor, Dr. Krstić worked for four years in the City Emergency Department, where she repeatedly went to the field on numerous occasions, for the "adrenaline tasks" that are professionally stimulating but at the same time almost paralyzing. DrKrstic is one of those people who, in the dramatic situation, as she says " open not four, but six eyes", and concentrate all their strengths and knowledge, both professional and human, to save the patient's life.



How old is this rock?

Before he discovered the energy, man used the power of his own muscles for thousands of years. To make life better, various types of energy are used more than ever before. Nuclear energy has a great application for peacetime purposes, although in real life there are many dangers related to it.. As part of the natural process, a certain amount of radioactivity is found all around us, in every object in the environment and in all living beings. Radioactive elements in the Earth are from the time of the creation of the Solar System. They are constantly broken down, that is, they are radioactively dissolved, creating other elements. With the emergence of geological science, debates have begun on the age of our planet that lasts even today. When Becquerel discovered the radioactive properties of uranium in 1896, new methods proved that Earth is older than previously thought, about 4.6 billion years. Decades ago, by detecting radioactivity, a more precise determination of the age of the rock began, and it became clearer when certain geological periods have begun or were completed. For example, we can estimate that Paleozoic era has begun 541 million years ago, while the Cenozoic era began 66 million years ago.


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