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Nuclear energy

The main advantage of nuclear power is that a very small amount of nuclear fuel is needed to produce the same amount of electricity compared to other energy sources. For example, a 1000 MW power plant consumes annually2 million tons of coal compared to 30 tons of uranium fuel. The coal-fired power plant will produce 6 million tons of carbon dioxide per year, 120 thousand tons of sulfur dioxide, 25,000 tons of nitro oxide, and about 300,000 tons of ash, dust and other harmful substances. On the other hand, a nuclear power plant with the same production capacity, consuming 30 tons of uranium fuel annually, will produce only one ton of radioactive waste (fission fragments), as well as with 29 tons is uranium and plutonium that can be reused provided that used nuclear fuel is refined.



Thermoablation of spinal tumors

Thanks to the new OsteoCool technology, cancer patients with painful spinal metastases can be significantly relieved by local tumor thermoablation. Dr. BrankoKrajnović, a spinal surgeon who performed the largest number of operations of this kind in Europe so far, speaks of the new method. Malignant tumors detected in time are successfully treated; even some cancers with metastases can be controlled for a long time, almost as chronic diseases. Thanks to improved oncology and new generations of medicines, the number of cancer deaths has been declining in recent decades, or an increasing number of people have healed, characterized by five years of survival cancer-free.



Small steps towards great successes

Belgrade General Hospital Bel Medic is a leader in the private healthcare sector of Serbia, primarily due to its high professionalism and its attitude towards the patients. However, IvanaVlahovic, director of the Human Resource Service at Bel Medic, testifies that they are equally dedicated to their workers. The first private healthcare institution in Serbia, the General Hospital Bel Medic, has been a leader in entrepreneurship in the field of health for 24 years, and this high position is constantlybeing confirmed by a high quality health service and full commitment to each patient. The excellence in the medical service that has been awarded many times - to mention just the prestigious European Business Award in the category of customer relations - Bel Medic achieves thanks to the fact that all the time it employs primarily top specialists in all fields of medicine, as well as in all other of its support services.



Plants discover ancient migrations

A whole range of different IT services based on information technology has one common aspect - they cannot be used anonymously. The usual cost of using these services is - your privacy.
The emergence of agriculture is one of the most important stages in the development of human society, since it enabled the establishment of communities in the form of settlements, the specialization of labor and technological innovation. One of the centers of agricultural beginnings is the Middle East, where barley was cultivated about 10,500 years ago, along with wheat and other yields. Archaeological findings indicate that barley cultivation has spread to ecological borders in Europe, North Africa, Central, South and East Asia, over a period of approximately 6000 years. New results published in PLOS ONE show that various types of barley, adjusted for various uses and adapted to different ecological conditions and harvesting regimes, have spread across Eurasia by diverse routes. In many cases, there are archeological and archeobotanical evidence for these expansion routes. ;



Google for voice

Google for Voice is not another functionality of a well-known web browser. It is a phrase used in an internal document of the US National Security Service to describe the functionality of the software in the possesion of this agency. The question whether there are topics that research in the field of artificial intelligence should not deal with is as old as the field itself. However, criticisms of the development of artificial intelligence are often interpreted as "moralistic attitudes" beyond "real" life and "practical" science. Shortly after the Second World War, speech recognition technologies and the identification of speakers became the subject of military and intelligence agencies' interest. In response to the problem of increasing civil unrest in various parts of the world, and given the situation of dynamic development of electronic communications, came the idea of the development and implementation of technologies for remote identification of suspects based on their voices.



Energy and celestial changes

Over the past four decades, we have witnessed a systematic increase in the surface temperature of the Earth, followed by the melting of polar ice cover and raising the sea level. Among the scientists who deal with this problem, the only accepted cause is the increase in greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, primarily carbon dioxide, which is generated by combustion of fossil fuels - coal, oil and natural gas. According to the recommendation of the International Climate Change Panel (IPSS) at the UN, it is necessary to prevent the temperature change at the Earth's surface exceeding the value of 2.0 C. Recent reports of today's situation in relation to the pre-industrial period state that 1.0 C value is already surpassed. In a recently published report, there are arguments that the value higher than 1.5 C should not occur for the life of a man on Earth to remain as we know it.



Painful bites of "flying ants"

According to a study published in a reputable magazine, "Ecological Entomology", 750 people from 46 countries described the wasp with the words "bite," "annoyance," and "danger", and bees with the words "honey", "flowers "and" pollination ". The authors claim that the problem is poor reputation of the wasps, because of which people fail to recognize them as equally environmentally significant as bees. They also pollinate flowers and kill pests, and according to the results of the study, are equally endangered due to habitat loss and climate change. In addition, the authors state that the wasps are also scientifically neglected, due to incomparably smaller number of scientific works about wasps than about bees. In the professional literature, the term 'wasp' is used for numerous and vivid group of insects from the line of hymenopterans. Practically, this is the common term for all the members of this group aside from bees and ants.



Touch of the sky

In the 20th century, ballooning is rapidly evolving in the United States and the countries of Western Europe. The growth of the economy in these countries and the unique way of advertising contributed to the procurement of a large number of balloons that were given to balloon clubs. State championships in precision flying and various festivals are launched to provide panoramic flights and special-purpose flights. Today, thousands of balloons are registered in the United States, and actively participate in various events. If you look at the Serbia neighboring countries, there are about 200 balloons in Hungary, about 50 in Slovenia, and a much larger number of balloons in the highly developed countries of Western Europe. All balloons were bought by business entities and made use of by balloon clubs in pursuit of common interest. New trends in the world point to the purchase of balloons by tourism organizations, which than use them for advertising. For example, in Turkey a well-known tourist attraction is to fly hundreds of balloons with tourists over Cappadocia. The precondition for this type of business is larger dimensions of the balloons dome (16,000-23,000 m3), which can serve from 15 to 20 people per balloon.


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